161 All-in-One / Phase 3
Update 4.5x

What´s new:

The new features for this device are:

as well as minor performance and interface improvements.

Installation Guide

Please perform the following steps in the right order to update your Burmester 161 All-in-One. Before starting the update process, read these steps completely and ensure that you have understood them fully.


Please make sure that no critical process (such as ripping or importing) is running. Stop all music playback.

Make sure that you have a USB stick with at least 500 MB free disc space available.

After you have successfully downloaded the update image file (link at the bottom of this page), copy this image to the USB stick.

Please make sure that this image was copied correctly to the USB stick and that the filename is exactly "Burmester161Update.tar".

The update image file has a size of approx. 370 MB, but depending on your internet connection the download may take a long time. We recommend the use of a download manager for this preparation step.

Follow the next steps carefully.

Connect the USB stick to one of the 4 USB ports on the back or alternatively the front USB port of the 161 and wait until the LED "USB ACCESS" lights up.

On the remote control type in the code "OSD 2 5 8". Some seconds later all LEDs on the left side of the device will light up.

If there is no reaction there might be something wrong with the USB stick. In this case the following hints may solve this problem:

If the 161 has found a correct update image file, all LEDs on the left side of the device will light up. Press the "OK" button on your remote control to start the process.

During the update process the display shows the running text "FIRMWARE UPDATE".

The update process will take approx. 3-4 minutes and the 161 will restart automatically.

Please take care that you also update the BurmesterMC iPad-App. Not all functions will work flawlessly with previous versions of this App.

For better user experience, your 161 will update the internal database after first restart. This procedure will only take 1-2 minutes. During this task the display of the 161 will show "SERVICE" and you will not be able to operate the device until it will be finished.